Are anxiety or depression your unseen companions?

On the outside life looks perfect, but on the inside there is a river of low mood, anxiety and shame.

Do you notice familiar, limiting patterns?

 When you listen in to your inner dialogue, would you speak that way to your child or your best friend? No?

I had to really turn the volume up on this insidious self chatter in order to put a stop to it.

It was clear to me there were repetitive patterns playing out in my life and a story which I knew by heart! It certainly didn’t serve me but it seemed there was nothing I could do to change it…

Living like this made me feel small, powerless and fearful.

I needed to learn how to be kinder to myself and access the gifts I had buried.

I wanted to do more with my life but I was locked out of my own treasure.


It’s time to reconnect to YOU and feel powerful again!

I know your life can be so much richer! You CAN find your own inner calm so that you can move your life forward with confidence.

Together we will build awareness and clarity with self compassion. With this awareness comes the growing capacity to make choices and decisions which serve you better. 

Feel supported

When we work together there is no judgement, only interest and exploration. We will journey together into the places where you would like to replace rigidity and stuckness with flexibility and fun!

Reconnect to your heart!

Come and step into your life fully, develop trust in yourself and your vision, and find your amazing inner wisdom.

Develop deeper intimacy, warmer friendships, build confidence and create life on your terms.


My journey

Twenty years ago my life was a struggle. Small children, demanding work, little satisfaction in relationship. My own self-limiting belief system had me trapped in an unhappy place. I felt I had no choice in my own life! I had it all, I was a doctor, I had a beautiful family, I had travelled extensively and lived in three countries. I spoke fluent French! But inside I was at war with myself. I was never enough, never satisfied. I could not calm the puppy inside me.

Beginnings of change

I had enough. Something had to change. I needed to find the next step on a journey that would take me inwards, not outwards.

After four years of group process and writing a Literature review on shame, I stepped out into a new world. Now I choose my life, and with energy, authenticity, vitality and spontaneity, I am much more satisfied. I have learned to listen to the deeper yearnings of my heart and act on them as much as possible. I am alive to myself and creating my life.

Work with me

I have worked with hundreds of people as a doctor and a psychotherapist, helping them move beyond old stories and beliefs into lives of spontaneity, freedom and action which they choose for themselves. You can make this journey too! It is the greatest gift of freedom!

Want to find out more about the process?

 I worked as a GP for years and really wanted to find more skills to meet people who were experiencing depression, anxiety, burnout and relationship breakdown, because its so common and causes so much pain. So I found this amazing thing called Gestalt therapy and recognised immediately that this was a tool which could really help people move their lives forward and become more resilient and confident.
So I started a wellbeing business which incorporates my GP experience and Gestalt therapy and also a heap of spiritual modalities. I work one on one and also in groups.
What’s Gestalt?
Well when I went through my training we did four years of our own therapy, and what that gave me was freedom from all the beliefs I had swallowed without examining them, and a realisation that I could choose my own life.
That made me really powerful.
My anxiety and low mood evaporated as I stepped out into a much bigger, expanded version of myself, free from out-of-date limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck in a vision of who I should be.
Sound familiar?
I loved being a GP but there was something missing and I found a much deeper purpose in psychotherapy, exploring the deep seated issues that hold us back in life. 
Now I feel I’m really living the life I want and reaching out for everything I desire and finding a way to do it.
You can too!

one to one

Meeting one to one is often the start of the journey. You will get clearer on what stops you living your best life, and have an opportunity to experience and explore familiar patterns. As you get closer to your experience, answers often emerge about the way forward, allowing you to live a more heart connected life.


Relationship is central to our lives as connected, social human beings. Here you can touch the very core of your humanity and can meet your deepest needs. At times our intimate relationships can feel more like a battlefield than a supportive, loving place. Start the conversation again!


If you would like to feel greater ease in relationship, and bring yourself fully and authentically into contact with friends, family and loved ones, a group experience like this is an exceptional opportunity. Groups meet monthly in Brisbane. There is also opportunity for weekend and week long retreats.

Build a Healthy Daily Routine

A helathy daily routine will support your mental health and wellbeing. Here is a free pdf to help you create your unique routine.

Once you have started implementing these habits, you will build a strong platform for emotional resilience as well as physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Welcome to my tribe! Please access the daily routine freebie here