I’ve created some free resources to support you in this journey of growth.

Do you wake up at 3 am in a cold sweat with your heart hammering inside your chest?

It’s scary and it’s not getting better.

Wouldn’t you love to sleep through the night and wake up calm, collected and ready for your day without resorting to medication?

  • Calm the monkey mind
  • Invite the bodies to rest and relax response
  • Discover your own inner power and wisdom
  • Entrain the heart and mind so that you become solid, strong and powerful

Life throws us challenges so that we can grow.

Together lets create skills for life which will support connection, growth and happiness.

I’m a GP and Psychotherapist and my passion is creating strong, positive mental health.

My Blog is all about understanding and working with difficult emotions and life challenges. 

Live your life on fire..that starts with self care.

I’ve created a video series and PDF which will support you to create your unique daily routine. This will form the bedrock of your wellness.

I have a healthy routine each day and embed this  into every retreat.

It is designed to keep you centred, grounded, healthy and emotionally stable, so that you can evade those mindset gremlins and be warm, powerful and connected .