Dr Leila Davis

Supporting professional women to reignite their passion for life...
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Work with me towards psychological growth and change… 

You’re a professional, working woman  who appears to have it all, but inside you feel lost, numb and scared. 

Anxiety? Depression? These are common experiences when you become stuck in survival mode.  

It’s time to make a positive change in your life and reach out for more joy, love and intimacy. 

 Start exactly where you are…  

No mud, no lotus, right?  

Challenging life experiences are your opportunity for growth. They are the launch pad for change and expansion  

I have supported hundreds of women from emotional crisis to not only heal, but create an exciting, vibrant life.  

You will move out of stuck mode and back into spontaneous, joyful flow, where life begins and magic happens.



Here’s How I Can Help & Support You

One to One

Let’s clarify what gets in the way of your happiness and contentment.

In a safe, contained and private space I will support you to identify familiar patterns and begin to change them. You will release old, familiar but unhelpful beliefs so that you can take those next exciting steps in life.

This process is gentle and collaborative.

You will develop more choice, build confidence and improve relationships, becoming more vibrant and alive.


Feel greater ease in relationship, and find your ability for self expression.

In group or on retreat you will build your capacity for warm, loving, joyful intimacy with friends, family and loved ones,

A facilitated group experience like this is an exceptional opportunity to build confidence, connection and creativity so that you can bring yourself to family, work and friends with an open heart.

My journey

Twenty years ago my life was a struggle. Small children, demanding work, little satisfaction in relationship. My own self-limiting belief system had me trapped in an unhappy place. I felt I had no choice in my own life! I had it all, I was a doctor, I had a beautiful family, I had travelled extensively and lived in three countries. I spoke fluent French! But inside I was at war with myself. I was never enough, never satisfied. I could not calm the puppy inside me.

Beginnings of change

I had enough. Something had to change. I needed to find the next step on a journey that would take me inwards, not outwards.

After four years of group process and writing a Literature review on shame, I stepped out into a new world. Now I choose my life, and with energy, authenticity, vitality and spontaneity, I am much more satisfied. I have learned to listen to the deeper yearnings of my heart and act on them as much as possible. I am alive to myself and creating my life.

Work with me

I have worked with hundreds of people as a doctor and a psychotherapist, helping them move beyond old stories and beliefs into lives of spontaneity, freedom and action which they choose for themselves. You can make this journey too! It is the greatest gift of freedom!

On The Vlog

Group Therapy Explained

Group Therapy Explained

What we do in group is alive. It invites you into the gap between contact and response, where you can find the freedom to experiment with new ways of being.

Opening To Life Bali Retreat

October 2020

This retreat will support your journey towards freedom and joy, starting exactly where you are.