Transformational Retreats in Bali and Stanthorpe


If you are hungry for an opportunity to live with more choice and freedom, while nourishing your deeper purpose, these groups are for you. When you join this tribe you will find a community keen to dive deeply into real, honest relationship. You will be invited to open a precious space of emotion within you and share yourself with others from this place. This is a profoundly satisfying experience which will touch you at the depth of your humanity.

Gestalt Group Work

Group work offers spectacular dimensions to interpersonal learning. You will be part of group which will receive and confirm you just as you are, where your unique difference will be invited and accepted. You will make deeper connection with yourself and raise awareness of what triggers you in relationship and how you play out your life theme with others. We will experience each other deeply, at an authentic, emotional level where the universality of our human experience becomes palpable. All this will be safely facilitated and held, in a warm and supported space.


 Transformation Group for Women– a six month journey of self discovery

This is a rare opportunity to join a small, supportive women’s group and engage in a dynamic transformational process. The group will move you on your journey no matter what stage of life you are currently engaged in.

Whatever the challenges in you are facing right now, here is an opportunity to be heard, supported and create breakthroughs in your thinking and how you bring yourself to life.

You will find a community of like minded people, a method for building awareness and an opportunity to experiment with new behaviours.

This process will enliven and restore you, creating more spontaneity, joy and freedom.

Groups run for 6 months, meeting monthly for two hours from 7-9 on Wednesday evenings. This is an incredible transformational experience where you will experience community, increased self awareness and confidence, as well as personal growth.

 Stanthorpe Spacious Heart Weekend for Women

Deepen your purpose and inner work on this weekend retreat based in our ‘mini- Girraween’, a forty acre property outside Stanthorpe with sublime eucalyptus forest and enormous granite outflows.

We will make use of group process, music and bodywork to still the mind and open the heart. We will cook together, share a beautiful old Queenslander, sit by the fire and bask in nature, while learning life skills to transport back to our homes.

Transformational Gestalt group work is the key element in this weekend of connection and support. You are invited to be part of a small, intimate group, for authentic self expression and deep resonance with others.

To complement this process we will also engage with bodywork, journalling and music, while basking in silence deep enough to still the most turbulent heart.


Opening to Life One Week Mixed Retreat in Bali

What would it be like to be rested, restored and reconnected to your inner self? Over seven peaceful days held in a warm,  boutique retreat where you will learn new skills for opening to life.

How would you like to nourish body, mind and soul…

With transformative group sessions supported by healing, guided meditations and yoga. We will also incorporate journalling, music, Balinese massage and healthy food to create the best version of you.

It is time to look after yourself!

Imagine joining a boutique retreat for transformative inner work, while also having an adventurous holiday in the best, hidden parts of this beautiful island. You will walk the rice paddies, sit at Yellow Flower cafe enjoying the expansive views of Mt Agung, and soak up the healing, connected ambience that is Penestanan, a world renowned healing retreat centre.

As part of an intimate Gestalt group limited to ten people, who will all support your growth, you will be held in a tropical island adventure.

Join us for visits to Karsa Spa, Indus restaraunt and Tirrta Empul as we explore Ubud and the beautiful island of Bali! Just 6 hours flight to this amazing, relaxing, spirited place.

This Bali retreat is a week long gift to yourself, where we drop down into a deeper experience of group, incorporating yoga as a support. This boutique, small group setting is designed to restore and nourish the mind, body and spirit in warm community. We always leave glowing! The retreat is  held at Melati cottages Ubud. Click here to see the venue


Why join a Gestalt process group?

Do you yearn to dive more deeply into relationship with yourself and others? Are there stuck places and repetitive, unhelpful patterns that you would like to understand and process, allowing you to move forward in  life?

Gestalt group is a rich community experience. 

With the safety of confidentiality and respect, the group becomes a container for authentic communication. You will be invited to create good quality contact between group members in the present moment. This is an opportunity to explore your own unfolding self-experience and to be witnessed and confirmed in your uniqueness. To be affirmed in this way will touch you at the deepest core of your being. Also, you will develop the skill of deeply listening and resonating with others, which will benefit everyone you contact in your life, families, partners and friends.

Support for change

There will be support to manage and process emotions, release blocks and build awareness. Keeping difficult emotions bottled up causes depression and anxiety, loss of spontaneity and sparkle in life.

This is the joy of freedom….