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 I worked as a GP for years and really wanted to find more skills to meet people who were experiencing depression, anxiety, burnout and relationship breakdown, because its so common and causes so much pain. Fifteen years ago I found this amazing thing called Gestalt therapy and recognised immediately that this was a tool which could really help people move their lives forward and become more resilient and confident.
 As a result I started a wellbeing business which incorporates my GP experience and Gestalt therapy and also a heap of spiritual modalities. I work one on one and also in groups.
What’s Gestalt?
Well when I went through my training we did four years of our own therapy, and what that gave me was freedom from all the beliefs I had swallowed without examining them, and a realisation that I could choose my own life.
That made me really powerful.
My anxiety and low mood evaporated as I stepped out into a much bigger, expanded version of myself, free from out-of-date limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck in a vision of who I should be.
Sound familiar?
I loved being a GP but there was something missing and I found a much deeper purpose in psychotherapy, exploring the deep seated issues that hold us back in life. 
Now I feel I’m really living the life I want and reaching out for everything I desire and finding a way to do it.
You can too!

One to one

Meeting one to one is often the start of the journey.

You will get clearer on what stops you living with freedom and joy, and have an opportunity to experience and explore familiar patterns.

Through increasing awareness you will make the first step towards greater responsibility and choice in the life you lead.

We will meet in a safe, supported environment, which is non-judgemental, and interested in your uniqueness. This is a collaborative exploration  and you will be invited to experiment with new, alternative ways of being.

I beleive that you have everything you need right here and my role is to help you uncover it!

Sessions are 50 minutes and  take place in private rooms in Toowong.

Medicare rebates available for all sessions.


Relationship is central to your life as a connected, social human being.

You can touch the very core of your humanity and you can meet your deepest needs in relationship.

However, intimacy can deteriorate and relationships become unsatisfying and painful when unhelpful dynamics develop. Sometimes relationship can feel more  like a struggle against a sparring partner rather than a loving supportive friendship to help you through life.

I will facilitate an intimate conversation where you will first be encouraged to explore the ground that you have as a couple, there is a reason you are together! You will then be invited into connection with one another in a different, more loving, heartfelt and productive way.

Sessions are 50 or 80 minutes

Medicare rebates available for all sessions


Transformation Group for women

This is an incredible opportunity for growth and transformation in a small group setting.

If you want to build trust in yourself and feel greater ease in relationship,  a group experience like this is an exceptional experience.

You will develop skills for making deep, satisfying connection with others, and through this build warmer, more intimate relationships with friends and family. You will feel the benefit as it translates into feeling more supported, developing a lightness of being and improved confidence and self belief.

Group is a place to explore authenticity and connection, resonance and attunement with others in a safe, non-judgemental environment. All is welcome here!

 Meetings are from 7-9 pm Wednesday evenings in Red Hill, once a month over six months. 

New groups form each semester.

Email me for details 


Women's Spacious Heart Retreat

Deepen your purpose and inner work on this weekend retreat based on connecting to yourself and others in a profound way.

We will make use of group process, voice opening and bodywork to still the mind and open the heart.

Transformational Gestalt group work is the key element in this weekend of connection and support.

You are invited to be part of a small, intimate group, for authentic self expression and deep resonance with others.

To complement this process we will also engage in voice opening, bodywork, journalling and music, while basking in silence deep enough to still the most turbulent heart.

We will practice a deeply healing immersion in the quiet of nature, on a sixty acre property on the granite belt, in an old character Queenslander surrounded by beautiful granite boulders, birds and eucalyptus forest.

Each day will commence with gentle bodywork using the body and the voice to create equilibrium and harmonise the subtle energies of the body.

After breakfast a two hour facilitated circle will invite authentic self expression and resonance with others. You will be safely held in connection with yourself and the group by an expert Gestalt therapist and group facilitator.

In the afternoons you will have free time for walking, writing, art, reflection and reconnection with nature.

Communal cooking with all food supplied. Join in the magical evenings of voice opening and artistic expression after dinner. When we come together in this way, a beautiful group energy emerges, you will find yourself in community!

Starting with dinner on Friday evening at six and ending with lunch on Sunday.

Opening to Life Bali Retreat


 Daily facilitated group connection, safe voice opening, joyous singing and gentle yoga  combine to support your journey of growth while having a fun, energised and spirited holiday in beautiful Bali.

On this retreat we do the deep work and the joyous work! You will be expanding yourself, growing into the new you who is ready to emerge, courageous, light and fun, having processed the emotional baggage that weighs you down.

This is an invitation to open to your heart, your voice and your life so that you can enliven your relationships, build  confidence and start creating the life you dream of on your terms.

The focus of the retreat is intimate circle time, where you will be invited to process and shift any emotional stuckness so that you can start moving your life forward with confidence and ease.

Does life feel dull, empty and overwhelming?  Have you lost touch with your beautiful, deeper self? You will recover this space within as you also receive and learn to resonate with others.

The group experience will allow you to move into a more powerful version of yourself.

We will use music, voice opening, chanting, dancing, writing and art to access our deep inner landscape s that you can emerge into the newness that awaits.

This work is supported by gentle chakra yoga which supports opening of the body, while circle supports opening of the mind and heart and spirit. The two are beautifully entwined cousins which work together to enable growth, awareness and change.

While in Bali the group comes together in a warm, connected way and we will share relaxing spa experiences – prebooked for the group – as well as group dining in special local restaurants.

The package costs $1600-1850 and include 7 nights accomodation and breakfast, airport pick up and daily Gestalt circle, yoga and music circle.

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Build a Healthy Daily Routine

A helathy daily routine will support your mental health and wellbeing. Here is a free pdf to help you create your unique routine.

Once you have started implementing these habits, you will build a strong platform for emotional resilience as well as physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Welcome to my tribe! Please access the daily routine freebie here