Dr Leila Davis

Exchange anxiety and perfectionism

for calm and confidence

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Would you like to bring spaciousness and ease into your life?


If you feel anxious, overwhelmed and you don’t know where to turn, I’m here to tell you there is a solution. 


You don’t need to do therapy for years, but you do need to commit to yourself and the process of change.

I help high-achieving women facing burnout, to reconnect with themselves, get clarity and start making good choices.


I know how difficult it can be on the treadmill of career and family while obeying a script about putting everyone else first.
I’ve been there.


I know how depleted and empty you can feel a lot of the time.
It’s a perfect storm.


And I know how to interrupt the pattern.


I’ll support you to use your prodigious resources:  your intelligence, your creativity and your big heart, to build a life that works for you as well as everyone around you. 
I’ll support you to take brave new steps towards a more fulfilling life.