Welcome to the Healthy Routine Guide.

With the 6 Days Healthy Daily Routine, you can find a few moments of calm in your busy day.

Together, let’s create a healthy daily routine which will support mental, physical and spiritual health.

Here’s the plan,

I’ll send you an email with a short video each morning at 10 am.

You will learn a new, short, powerful technique to add to your healthy daily routine every morning.

Practice with me and after a week you will learn how to find calm and ease anxiety. You will also get your body and mind back to a more spacious, healthy place.

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Dr. Leila Davis is a renowned health and wellness expert. She recently unveiled her six-day healthy daily routine aimed at helping individuals improve their overall well-being. Dr. Davis’ guidelines emphasize the importance of developing healthy habits. Like getting enough sleep, eating nutritious foods, and committing to regular physical activity.

To begin every day with focus, Dr. Davis recommends setting your alarm clock for the same time every morning. In order to establish a consistent sleep schedule. To fuel your body and mind throughout the day, incorporate nutrient-rich foods into your meals. Foods like fresh vegetables and lean protein sources like fish or chicken breast. Additionally, set aside some time for physical activity that can range from an outdoor run or bike ride to a yoga class or even just stretching in your living room.