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8 Tips to Building a Healthy Daily Routine

On retreat I love the beautiful opportunity to take part in a routine designed to create space, physical wellbeing and emotional resilience.

This can be a life changing experience and offers you a template to continue to stay on track when you return home.

It takes practice to train your mind to become teflon for the bad stuff and Velcro for the good stuff, and when you have mastered this, emotional stability is the result.

Body, mind and spirit are all connected, so this daily routine is aimed at combining exercises that support all three.

As you embed your chosen routine into your daily schedule it will become non negotiable, you will

lose your aversion and begin to delight in the riches that it brings.

These are the elements of a good routine 

Diet- decreasing alcohol, sugar, processed foods and increasing whole foods of all kinds

Exercise – minimum 2 x 30 minute periods of activity each day

Meditation – periods of reflection throughout the day, especially morning and evening

Practices that rewire the brain – appreciation, afformation, looking for what went well 

Happy habits – what lights you up that can be included in each day?

Accountability- having a buddy or a progress art or a journal where you report at the end of each day or week

Connection- ensuring there is contact with others each day in some form

Journalling – reflection and recording of progress in a journal


Write five ways you could improve your diet

eg 5 x alcohol free days per week, 2 sugar free days, try out a new recipe each week, incorporating plant based meals, fruit every day


What do you enjoy doing? Commit to 2 x 30 minute periods of activity each day. Consider the types of exercise you enjoy, walking, cycling, yoga, weights, gym work. Write a daily or weekly schedule which you can commit to.


Time for stillness and reflection each day will allow you to reset your internal space as well as building awareness. Try guided meditations in my meditation library or join a group meditation class to learn a simple technique. Write down when and for how long you will meditate. Choose the same spot and start with short ten or five minute meditations

Brain rewiring

Incorporate simple short practices into your daily routine both morning and evening which will change your mindset and reframe experience. Both morning and evening a short five minute practice of appreciation, what went well today? What am I grateful for right now as I wake up? You can journal on these topics or just enjoy thinking them.

Happiness Boosters

Think about the small things you can do each day which make you happy. Patting the dog, watering the garden, choosing a beautiful dress or shirt to wear, doing your hair, singing, dancing, listening to music while you clean etc Write down a list of these and incorporate as many into your day as you can


How can you bring some accountability into your daily routine?

Do you have a buddy to do this with and check in at the end of each week? Could you use progress art to record your achievements through the week and reward yourself on the weekend with coffee with a friend to show your progress?


How can you create connection in your week or day?

Who can you connect with and how? by text, email, phone or in person?

Write down a list of people and ways to connect here


Find yourself a beautiful journal and record your appreciation practice, write your happy habits and create a graph of the week to tick them off,

record your dreams and thoughts, record any pieces of wisdom which resonate with you.

On retreat with me all of these habits are introduced and practiced. It is one aspect of retreat that many clients describe as supportive, and enables them to return home with a routine that will keep them on track.

Spending one week in Bali or a weekend in Stanthorpe is a wonderful way to kickstart this process of change that your body, mind and spirit will thank you for!

Download your fillable PDF document to design your own routine

Read more about coming on retreat with me

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