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Anxiety sucks!

Do you have a puppy mind?

Nothing against puppies of course, it’s just that they can be out of control! 

That roller coaster of thinking and worrying can really take its toll. 

 It’s 4 am and you’re wide awake, terrified. Fears about the day ahead crowd in and there is absolutely no space for any compassionate self awareness. It’s scary and overwhelming. It feels like there is something deeply wrong wth you and you feel so alone with it, ashamed and well…. broken.


And it used to make me small, sad and terrified of being seen. Hey, something clearly changed and here I am blogging about it!


Your mind (and mine) has 80,00 thoughts a day, impossible to keep up with. I’m going to let you in on a secret which will change your life if you choose to act on it…. thoughts cause feelings. In fact most of the feelings you have arise from your thoughts, and many of them are scary and difficult to be with. Thoughts are just electrical activity, mostly produced from conditioned experience, ie you keep telling yourself the same stories, and they continue to have currency no matter how out of date they are.

Now we can re engineer this process….stay with me.

Heres the good news.

  • You can intervene and begin changing your meaning making.
  • There are simple ways to cultivate positive emotions, bypassing your thoughts.
  • New emotional states of being will rewire not only your brain but your whole body.
  • The process gets easier with practice

Create peace, warmth and joy

I’ve been banging on for a while now about the heart coherence meditation. I came across it last year having meditated for over twenty years and it stunned me into quiet delight. Here is a process of establishing the witnessing awareness to my thoughts and creating a warm home right here in my own heart!

Who wouldn’t want that right?

Check out the guided video here to try the meditation. It’s three minutes!

Grow a new garden

When you cultivate a positive emotion like gratitude, your whole physiology changes. The brain started to rewire, hormonal profiles alter and even your genes begin to express themselves differently. This adds a whole new meaning to express yourself!

Some thoughts are just a bad habit

This is so true, patterns of thinking become like deep ruts in the mind. Thinking flows towards these thought patterns like water. You will find that many of your familiar thought patterns do not serve you any longer, I had one that I created in kindergarten, it went like this…’Hmmm, I’m clearly different here, I don’t fit in, better go hide”. It hasn’t;t served me living from this place and I’m so happy to have weeded it out! My garden has beautiful roses instead.

Let me know how you progress wiht the meditation and if you want to come join me for a monthly free virtual practice, join up here for the email invitation.

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