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 I worked as a GP for years and really wanted to find more skills to meet people who were experiencing depression, anxiety, burnout and relationship breakdown, because its so common and causes so much pain. So I found this amazing thing called Gestalt therapy and recognised immediately that this was a tool which could really help people move their lives forward and become more resilient and confident.
So I started a wellbeing business which incorporates my GP experience and Gestalt therapy and also a heap of spiritual modalities. I work one on one and also in groups.
What’s Gestalt?
Well when I went through my training we did four years of our own therapy, and what that gave me was freedom from all the beliefs I had swallowed without examining them, and a realisation that I could choose my own life.
That made me really powerful.
My anxiety and low mood evaporated as I stepped out into a much bigger, expanded version of myself, free from out-of-date limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck in a vision of who I should be.
Sound familiar?
I loved being a GP but there was something missing and I found a much deeper purpose in psychotherapy, exploring the deep seated issues that hold us back in life. 
Now I feel I’m really living the life I want and reaching out for everything I desire and finding a way to do it.
You can too!

Dr Leila Davis

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