Empowered Women

Your secret to becoming calm, clear and confident

Would you like to feel calm, confident and in control so you can enjoy life to the full?

Then this is exactly the program for you. You’ll learn the EQ you need to be able to transform your biggest challenges, overcome anxiety, ease perfectionism and stop second guessing yourself.

It will also support you to:

Become your own cheerleader, trusting and encouraging yourself.
Find your calm even when the world is going off around you.
Spend less time at work perfecting and procrastinating, so you can go to the fresh food market, walk home from work, do the homework with your 8-year-old and not be desperate for that glass of Pinot Gris when you walk in the door.
Recognise and harness imposter thinking so that you can go for that new job, speak up in the meetings, and believe in yourself.
Sleep well at night, feeling you’ve done enough and you are enough.
Become resilient in the face of life’s challenges and model this for your kids

Here’s how this program will benefit you:

You’ll know exactly how to feel calm, and in-control no matter what situation is happening around you
You’ll step into 100% confidence and self-belief so you no longer second guess yourself
You’ll identify and connect with your values and purpose, and be able to make decisions in alignment with those
You’ll learn how create healthy boundaries and how to maintain them with ease
You’ll make better choices for yourself and your family
You’ll create spaciousness where there was chaos
You’ll create better relationships and to leave toxic situations without guilt
You’ll calm your anxiety
You’ll rise out of life’s challenges with resilience
You’ll be able to teach all these skills to your kids

Here’s how the program is delivered:
6 x one-hour sessions face to face or online, in a safe, confidential container where you will be supported to build awareness and create change at your pace. Sessions are two weeks apart. Medicare rebates available.

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About Me

I’m Leila Davis. With over thirty years of experience in mental health as a GP and psychotherapist, I bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to helping high-performance professional women overcome perfectionism, anxiety and imposter syndrome, and achieve engagement, productivity and mental wealth. I’ve supported hundreds of professional women to transform stress and anxiety into calm and confidence.

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