Flourishing women mastermind

Helping You Wholeheartedly Enjoy Your Precious Life With Every Fibre Of Your Being

What happy clients say

I have felt deeply connected and supported by a group of extraordinary women.
This has helped me shine a light into the darkest corners of my life and finally enabled me to realise significant personal change to my health and relationships.
This feels truly magical.
Nicci, CEO

The group supports me in the most wholesome way. I am in a really tough period on my life and the group has continued to hold me and help me understand what it is that I do, think and feel that only makes this period more difficult. 
I particularly love the retreats and the music, they are portals back to myself. I see Leila as a spiritual teacher with such a wealth of knowledge, but more importantly for me, a bag full of spiritual tools and rituals that I can use in a home full of people. Thank you Leila and the group!
Jane, Lawyer

The group has provided me with the support, friendship and joyful dialogue I craved. I feel better prepared to show up for my everyday life and relationships and I have greater awareness of how I feel and how I want to feel. Thank you Leila, your ability to create and hold space is amazing.
Lisa, Academic

I have a renewed resolve to invest in self care, self compassion and joy. Group has enhanced my perspective on what is actually important in life.
I have a renewed appreciation of myself and inspiration of what I want to contribute moving forward.

Kaye, Geologist

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