Create Transformation

How i can help

Reconnect to the heart of you

Do you yearn for warmer relationship and more intimacy in your life? Would you love to have a kinder, more compassionate self talk so that you can back yourself and step with confidence into work and family life?

Gestalt group is a rich opportunity dive down deeply into your honest experience of being alive. No more pretending, no more faking it. You will find and express the treasure of your own inner wisdom, so that you can find those magnificent parts of yourself which are hidden away for fear of shining too brightly. You will be witnessed by a non-judgemental group which can treasure difference and allow you to grow.

Being received like this will touch you deeply and allow the change you seek, the development of confidence and self belief.

Support for change

Are there stuck places and repetitive, unhelpful patterns that you would like to understand and change, allowing you to move forward in  life?

This is an opportunity to explore and process deeply held beliefs about yourself and the world, and experiment with doing things differently. Let go of thoughts and behaviours which no longer serve you, drop the conditioning that keeps you holding yourself back.



The magic of Group

There will be support to manage and process emotions, express yourself and connect with others. Keeping difficult emotions bottled up causes depression and anxiety, loss of spontaneity and sparkle in life.

You will develop the skill of deeply listening and resonating with others, which will benefit everyone you contact in your life, families, partners and friends.

A Little about me

I am a GP and Gestalt psychotherapist. My greatest joy has been my own journey of transformation through undertaking Gestalt training. I have been working with groups for ten years and my passion is facilitating  growth and transformation in these exceptional Brisbane women’s group opportunities.

What happy clients say

The work you are doing on this earth is incredible and I feel so grateful that the Universe has brought us together.  You have helped me so much, both on a one to one level and at Women’s Group.  On both levels the work has transformed me and my life and I am so deeply thankful.  I love referring you to friends and family and I do so wholeheartedly, because I speak from experience.  I always feel like you come from a place of honesty, strength, compassion and kindness.  The best thing is that whilst you’re direct and honest, you’re also not afraid to be vulnerable and that to me shows the greatest strength and the most wonderful kind of humanness.

Thank you for being you!

Nicci, PA and Yogini

What can I say? Thank you!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I have found myself again in this group.  What you have created here is very special by creating a safe environment that both challenges and nurtures all of us.  The last group in particular was a privilege to be a part of. Seeing all of us including myself grow within the group, is a credit to you as the facilitator, thank you.
Kaye, Librarian and Bliss Creator