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If you are seeking change, recognising that repetitive, unhelpful patterns keep appearing in your life, I can definitely resonate with that! My own journey in Gestalt Therapy has helped me build awareness around habitual ways that I approached life, and choose differently. I started where I was, and you will too!

 The Counter-Intuitive Change Making Process

As a Gestalt therapist I meet and respect you in your incredible uniqueness. Working with me you will get closer to yourself and understand the forces acting on you, often unconsciously, to keep you stuck where you are. I call this process, “hitting the magical sweet spot” as you shed old beliefs and constrictions about how you ‘should’ behave and instead, engage with life fully from a place of freedom. Here is the wonderful paradox, so beautifully described by Beisser back in the seventies, ‘Change happens when I can step fully into who I am’.

This is why the work of therapy is all about getting closer to you, how you experience yourself in the immediate moment, how the telling of your story impacts you in the form of emotions, body sensations and thought. You literally come alive to yourself and the work takes on a magical quality as you come out of the past, back from the future concerns and allow yourself to be fully present in the here and now moment.

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