Next Bali Retreat October 5-12, 2019

Are you successful but still feeling unsatisfied with life?

If you are interested in growth and transformation, developing a healthy body and mental state, and having a fun-filled adventure in a tropical paradise…

If you are looking for a transformative process to start the momentum for change, while also having a fun, connected and adventurous holiday…

If you want to engage with a small, generous group to know yourself better and experiment with change…

Opening to Life Bali retreat is for you.

Process and release old emotions that are keeping you stuck.

You will be invited into a facilitated group process supported by yoga and voice work so that you can move emotions which are stuck in the body and step into a joyous place of lightness and expression.

This is an intimate growth group which will support you to find your inner calm so that you can move your life forward with confidence.

Nourish body, mind and soul…

With transformative group sessions supported by healing, guided meditations and yoga.

We will also make good use of healing Balinese bodywork, healthy food and joyous connection to music so that you can build on the learnings from group and explore this new you.

It is time to look after and redefine who you are.

Connect to the magic of Bali

Together we will build a warm connection with each other to explore the beauty and generosity of Bali with its beautiful landscapes and people, easy access to world class restaurants, spas and massages.

Imagine joining a boutique retreat for transformative inner work, while also having an adventurous holiday in the best, hidden parts of this beautiful island. You will walk the rice paddies, sit at Yellow Flower cafe enjoying the expansive views of Mt Agung, and soak up the healing, connected ambience that is Penestanan, a world renowned healing retreat centre.

We will stay at beautiful Melati Cottages

Retreat Rates 

Full Rates

1 person, double room $1850

1 person, single room or twin share $1800

Early bird ($75 less)

– $200 Deposit 4 months prior and fully paid by 2 months prior to start of retreat 

Super early bird rates ($150 less)

–  $200 deposit 6 months prior and fully paid by 2 months prior


This retreat  will support your journey both physically and emotionally, starting exactly where you are.


Practical information

The Bali Gestalt Retreat includes pick up from Denpasar airport, accommodation at Melati Cottages, Penestanan and buffet breakfast every day. You will be accommodated in individual or twin/triple share rooms with a private bathroom.

​You will ​need to ​organise your own travel to and from Australia to Denpasar and have your own travel insurance.​ We recommend that you book flights soon.


Here is a link to skyscanner where you can enter travel dates and destination and they will contact you when the cheaper flights come up. ​​I will be at Melati Cottages for a few days before the retreat getting prepared and will spend a few days afterward at a yet unknown place. If you would like a travel partner, perhaps we can link you up with each other.

I also recommend travel advice from your doctor and appropriate immunizations prior to travel. ​ Travel insurance is highly recommended.

​​We will commence at 4​ ​pm on day 1 and be finished by 10.30 ​am ​on our last day. Pick up from Denpasar airport will be arranged for you and we will liaise closer to the time in order to organise the taxis.​ ​​For this, we will need flight details.​


To keep the retreat affordable, lunch and dinner are not included however there are many cafes and restaurants within a five-minute walk supplying healthy and delicious food, and the area is rich in excellent day spas and massage practitioners. Ubud is a centre of artistic life in Bali and Penestanan and has become an international focal point for yoga, health, and wellbeing.

​​Car and drivers are available for rent to access the rest of the island should you wish to remain on after your stay​. ​The staff at Melati are very helpful in arranging these matters.​​

The approximate daily schedule
  • ​7.00-8.30 am Yoga flow
  • 8.30-10​ ​am  Breakfast
  • 10-12.00 pm Gestalt circle – see below
  • Afternoon activities will vary – visits to Karsa Spa, Tirrta Empul and Balinese offering workshops, as well as some free afternoons.
  • Organised group Dinner on the first and last evenings of the retreat
  • 8-9​ ​pm Meditation and Music circle
  • You are invited into silence from 9 pm till after yoga next morning and journaling activities will be provided. 
Retreat Rates - Early Bird specials available

Super early bird  = save $150  =  $200 deposit 6 months prior and fully paid by 2 months prior

Early bird =  save $75 = $200 deposit 4 months prior and fully paid by 2 months prior to start of retreat

Full Rates

1 person, double room $1850

1 person, single room or twin share $1800

How To Pay

Please make payment via Bank Transfer to:

BSB 484799

Account number 52191440

What happy clients say

What can I say? Thank you!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I have found myself again in this group.  What you have created here is very special by creating a safe environment that both challenges and nurtures all of us.  The last group in particular was a privilege to be a part of. Seeing all of us including myself grow within the group, is a credit to you as the facilitator, thank you.
Kaye, Librarian and Bliss Creator

I arrived at the retreat, tightly constrained, intensely focused and bound by the routine and rhythm of busy city life. I was hesitant about what lay ahead.

The week was warm, awakening and transformative, as I opened to the nourishing possibility of genuine engagement with others and learnt from the generosity of spirit of each individual within the group. The experiences of others resonated with my experiences, and in sharing I found that I was experiencing profound changes to my usual ways. It is like, I was invited to ride on a magic carpet that transported me to a new place where I am now energetically  available, to explore new possibilities with an open heart.

Louise| Business owner

For me the group taught me how to get in touch with my feelings, which was a new and exciting experience for me. I didn’t really know how to express myself prior to the retreat and when I did it was always for the outside not from the inside. What was really interesting was that once I learnt how to express myself I felt much more freedom in expressing myself and more confident within myself. The group also taught me the importance of really listening to others and their feelings and how important eye contact is. This was a new experience for me and one that I want to continue to develop and use on a regular basis with my family and friends.
John | HR Manager


Over a week since I returned from the retreat I feel more at home with myself. I feel less subject to the influence of others, wanting to please them or need their opinions.
I feel more confident and so am valuing myself, from being validated in the group for who I am. My body feels more supple and strong. I feel more alive to myself and more able to say no to meet my needs.
Thank you so much Leila. The retreat was an invaluable and wonderful experience.
 Helen | Psychotherapist

One word “Openness which is indescribable in many ways. • My body feels open if this is possible, I feel taller not afraid of what life will throw at me, but stronger in myself and restored. • I have a great sense of relief, hope and peace within myself. • I feel like I have found the real me again, which I accept fully and rejoice in myself. • My tears were released on the retreat, they for me represent the opening just letting them flow and to be able to experience not only the great sadness but the joy of being able to let them go. • The combination of the theme of Chakra’s, yoga and group work all made this possible and I know my readiness to work on these things helped. • I also learnt how important, no essential it is for me to have a week to myself in a nurturing environment, to refresh and recharge. Life changing – Thank you! Highlights Too many to describe: • The venue especially the Wanterland, what an amazing setting. • Yoga each day, I had a sense of excitement when walking down the path to yoga and at the end a feeling of deep inner peace. • Group work the whole process and the safety of being part of a group. • My morning walks, magical. • Meals, the joyful company. • Quiet time. • Bali, experiencing a different culture especially the chanting on an evening, the flowers and the majestic volcanoes. • The Chakra’s, something very new for me. • The friendship. • Having a man in the group.
Jenni | Teacher

Thank you Leila for your guidance, wisdom and compassion during this past week.
As I write this I feel a deep sense of optimism and peace not felt for a long time.
I was completely supported and heard when sharing my story and opening my heart space with our group.
It was an incredible opportunity to take the time to remove myself from the distractions of life and overcome a fear of unpacking “old thoughts and patterns” and to trust your gentle guidance.
My heart space is sparkling green.
Lilly | Naturopath

I highly recommend Leila’s 7 day Bali retreat. I had been going to Leila’s women’s group for 2 years and decided to treat myself to a week away on retreat. Not until I returned home did I realise I had been suffering from burnout. My work as a psychotherapist, seeing clients regularly, being present, empathic, and patient had taken it’s toll on me. Reflecting back, now, a month later, I am so much more present with clients and with myself. I’ve noticed little things like laughing more, being less scattered. I feel more lively and I notice satisfaction with my work.
Helen | Psychotherapist