Opening to Freedom, Provence

Provence Opening to Freedom Retreat 7-17 May 2023

Here’s what you’ll receive on this retreat

  • Six days exploring Nice and her dazzling surrounds. Day trips to Antibes, Ezes, Menton and Grasse. Picasso, Raoul Dufy and Matisse museums. Visit the Fragonard perfume museum. Twin-share accommodation  in a beautifully equipped apartment on the bay at Villefrance-sur-Mer.
  • Four days in a fabulous country villa in a small, perfect village between Cannes and Grasse with a private swimming pool and garden for deepening into our group work and living ‘la vie rurale’
  • Daily group opportunities for exploring what impedes joy and how to build more joy
  • Gentle program of breathwork/ yoga and meditation to build a toolkit of wellbeing skills to bring home.
  • Breakfast and light dinners provided.
  • Transfers on local train and bus.

In the south, the day starts early, with bustling markets and shops open. 

Lunch is a long, slow affair, and afternoons are quiet. 

We will step into the Provençal rhythm with a gentle morning stretching routine to release shoulders, spine and hips, followed by a short meditation and breath practice, and breakfast. 

The morning continues with visits to art museums or day trips around the coast/ into the village. 

Lunch is a great tradition in France which often takes a few hours,we will find local restaurants to sample the delicious Niçoise cuisine. 

There will be free time after lunch and we will meet again around 6  to prepare a light dinner at home and spend the evening together in the group. 

Group activities include invitation to share experiences, rhythm and melody play, and short presentations and experiences for building calm, awareness and self compassion. 


Gestalt Group

I limit the size of the group to six participants, ensuring a safe, held space in which authentic connection can occur. The aim of the group is connection and growth. To achieve this, I invite you into a carefully facilitated process of connecting with yourself and others.

There are two magical steps in the Gestalt group process.

The first is authentic self expression.

This is a healing process where we create the conditions for being received by the group. There is no advice or fixing offered in the group, just a deep, affirming listening. Together, we allow and process the experiences of each member respectfully, and raise awareness.

The second magical step in the group is resonance. You will learn how to resonate and tune your delicate instrument to others, sharing with them how they impact you, and building deep connection.

This is a wonderful process of warm connection which will touch you deeply and enable you to form deeper relationships from a place of your own personal presence.

You will notice yourself becoming more vibrantly alive and energetically available in this process.

Please see Terms and Conditions for Investment

Early-bird available till end of November.