Opening to Freedom

Ten Day Provence Retreat

Introducing the Provence Retreat!

Would you like to bask in the delicious sights, sounds and scents of Provence, discovering hidden secrets, while also developing skills for deeper wellbeing?

This is exactly what Opening to Freedom Retreat offers.

In the Provence Retreat, you’ll learn to stop:

Hemorrhaging your precious, limited energy and time on clients

Wearing blinkers through life that keep you stuck on the hamster wheel of work, work, work

Living according to other people’s vitality-sucking rules and being stuck in people-pleasing mode.

Working sixteen-hour days and wearing it like a badge of honour

Making choices that serve others at your own expense

Putting yourself last 

Doing the ‘good girl’ thing, and carrying around responsibility like a ball and chain

Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by life.

I designed this ten-day retreat for professional women wanting to lighten up, get unstuck, and have a fabulous adventure holiday with a wonderful small group of women, while also improving their mental wealth.

It’s Ideal if you would like to:

Rekindle your spark of excitement about life

Remove the blinkers that keep you living in Groundhog Day

Get unstuck, and open up to new and exciting experiences

Reconnect with your own true north

Reinvigorate your body gently 

Experience the exhilaration of life

Reward yourself for having survived difficult and troubling times

Remind yourself how big and exciting the world can be.

Practice your French!

Have a delicious breakfast on the Baie des Anges

Visit fabulous art museums

Stroll along the Promenade des Anglais at sunset, while the Mediterranean sea whispers to you of all the possibilities life holds

Here are some details about the retreat:

7-17 May 2023

Early-Bird available till end November
Six days in a beautifully appointed apartment, on the bay at Villefranche-sur-Mer

Four days in a small village in the back country

Group limited to six

What My Client’s Say

All My Senses Are Sparkling

After an exhilarating adventure I feel, like all my senses are sparkling. I feel more youthful, more confident and more expansive. I feel as if I have absorbed some of the beauty and glamour of France and brought it home with me.

The aesthetic beauty of the south of France

The opportunity to experience the aesthetic beauty of the south of France. From the grandeur and menacing moods of Saint Victoire overlooking Aix-en-Provence, to the streets lined with delicate pink parasols in the perfume capital, Grasse to the ancient walled cities with medieval forts and solemn grand Notre-Dames.. to strolling past Picasso sculptures overlooking the Mediterranean in Antibes.

You Exceeded My Expectations

The way you enabled me to experience the sparkling diversity of both Provence and Paris exceeded my expectation and was superb. France’s rich history, sophisticated gastronomical scene, and enchanting landscapes were enhanced by your selection of places and planning of how to make the most of our time together

Your Knowledge Gave me the Chance To Feel

Your knowledge and love of France and the French language gave me the opportunity to experience the culture, the people, the cuisine, and the cities through a sophisticated French lens. This was beautiful. It gave me the chance to feel and be closer to the experience in every way.

About Me

I’m Leila Davis. With over thirty years of experience in mental health as a GP and psychotherapist, I bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to helping high-performance professional women overcome perfectionism, anxiety and imposter syndrome, and achieve engagement, productivity and mental wealth. I’ve supported hundreds of professional women to transform stress and anxiety into calm and confidence.

If you’d like to discover if this retreat is for you, book a no obligation complimentary chat now.