Spacious Heart Retreat France

Spacious Heart Retreat - The Cevennes

This retreat in the south of France is an opportunity to deepen your practice of self awareness so that you build confidence, purpose and contentment in life, while also enjoying a beautiful time in France. It is intended as a personal growth retreat building on the work we have already done together in Bali at Opening to Life, and Stanthorpe Spacious Heart retreat.

As in these retreats, we will utilise group process, mantra, voice work and movement to deepen awareness and integration. The benefits of spending this time on retreat are to build a stronger, more vibrant connection with our own hearts and with others in the group. When we do this work it will deepen and enrich all relationships as well as building self confidence, direction and heart-felt purpose in life.


I will be teaching Gestalt principles so that you will be able to take the skills learned and apply them in your own group endeavours.

We will spend 8 days together in a beautiful, rural environment in the Cevennes, a mountainous region in the southwest of France approximately 1 hours drive from Montpellier.

The Cevennes is a historic and beautiful mountainous region in the southwest of France highly prized for its regional produce, markets, opportunities for walking and exploring ancient sites.