Spacious Heart Retreat France

Spacious Heart Retreat Paris and the Cevennes May 8-20, 2020.

This retreat in the south of France is an opportunity to deepen your practice of self awareness so that you build confidence, purpose and contentment in life, while also enjoying a beautiful time in France. It is intended as a personal growth retreat building on the work we have already done together in Bali at Opening to Life, and Stanthorpe Spacious Heart retreat.

As in these retreats, we will utilise group process, mantra, voice work and movement to deepen awareness and integration. The benefits of spending this time on retreat are to build a stronger, more vibrant connection with our own hearts and with others in the group. When we do this work it will deepen and enrich all relationships as well as building self confidence, direction and heart-felt purpose in life.

I will be teaching Gestalt principles so that you will be able to take the skills learned and apply them in your own group endeavours.

I propose a 12 day experience in a small, invited group of six which will offer both a delightful, fun adventure in Paris and a rural retreat.

Starting in Paris we will spend four days enjoying the city together in an unstructured way. 

I will facilitate the use of bicycles to explore the city and introduce you to some of the lesser known Atelier museums dedicated to individual artists. You are also free to create your own itinerary while in Paris if you prefer but there will be group activities each day. Accommodation will be provided in a private apartment close to the centre, all other costs are up to the individual. After this we will take the TGV (high speed train) to Montpellier where the retreat will commence in a rural location. Train travel arrangements will be your responsibility, and I will give you details about which train to book, this is easily done online.

We will spend 8 days together in a beautiful, rural environment in the Cevennes, a mountainous region in the southwest of France approximately 1 hours drive from Montpellier where you will be accommodated in twin-share or individual rooms in a large country house. Here we will follow a retreat program of morning movement, breakfast and group process followed by free afternoons for exploring. Each evening we will come together for a communally prepared meal followed by discussion group, meditation, voice work and mantra.

The Cevennes is a historic and beautiful mountainous region in the southwest of France highly prized for its regional produce, markets, opportunities for walking and exploring ancient sites.

It was the last stronghold of the Cathars, a religious group who subscribed to  a liberal form of Christianity and who were persecuted by the Catholic church during the 13th Century with the Albigensian Crusade.

I will have a car for local transport and all food will be provided for communal cooking. If you wish to have your own transport you can also hire a car in Montpellier and drive up to the retreat, otherwise I will provide transfers to and from the retreat location.

The cost for this 12 day adventure includes

  • all accommodation, Paris and Cevennes, 12 days, twin share 
  • retreat tuition
  • transfers to and from Montpellier TGV station to the retreat site
  • orientation to Paris and optional daily schedule with bike touring
  • all food while on retreat except for optional cafe/restaurant /historic site visits
  • local transportation in a seven seater car to local beauty spots for walks and tours.


 $4550 AUD

Other costs 

  • Airfares- $1200
  • TGV return fare booked ahead $200 (I will provide information and support for booking)
  • Four day Paris expenses $500 
  • Daily expenses in the Cevennes at your discretion, $100-$150 for the week.

Dates: Arrive Paris May 8, depart Cevennes May 20, 2020

Terms and Conditions