Transformational Group Work





Why join a Gestalt process group?

Do you yearn to dive more deeply into relationship with yourself and others? Are there stuck places and repetitive, unhelpful patterns that you would like to understand and process, allowing you to move forward in  life?

Gestalt group is a rich community experience. 

With the safety of confidentiality and respect, the group becomes a container for authentic communication. You will be invited to create good quality contact between group members in the present moment. This is an opportunity to explore your own unfolding self-experience and to be witnessed and confirmed in your uniqueness. To be affirmed in this way will touch you at the deepest core of your being. Also, you will develop the skill of deeply listening and resonating with others, which will benefit everyone you contact in your life, families, partners and friends.

Support for change

There will be support to manage and process emotions, release blocks and build awareness. Keeping difficult emotions bottled up causes depression and anxiety, loss of spontaneity and sparkle in life.

This is the joy of freedom….