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Values of connection

When I start groups now I always say our aim is connection and growth. The two are intricately linked. Connection at a profound level with yourself and others cannot help but lead to growth. Lots of research points to the healing effect of connection. It affects gene expression,boosts the  immune system, decreases inflammation, even slows ageing. Social isolation a major risk factor for mortality and mental illness. It has a worse effect than smoking or obesity on physical health. Yet rates of isolation are on the increase in the modern world. While opportunity for authentic connection with others is becoming less and less available. 

Our materialistic world would have us believe that buying stuff is the key to meeting our emotional needs.And we all know how that one ends.

Connection starts with connecting more deeply to yourself. 

You can do this by opening a space within where emotions reside. Allowing what is there to be heard and felt. Giving it a voice. Self expression is a profound tool for building awareness and  connection to self. You have all the answers inside!

As connection happens, you can begin to flow, instead of feeling stuck. Emotion moves you, it rises up and flows over like a wave, leaving you in a different place. This is how you learn about yourself and how your internal machinery works.

Desensitisation and numbness, the modern sickness

There are lots of good reasons to be cut off from your emotions, denial is a powerful mechanism, a psychological safety mechanism to protect yourself from difficult emotions that need support to be felt. The therapy space or group space provides this support. Once you have connected to yourself then you can connect with others from this place. In a heartfelt and authentic way. When you are connected to your own internal feeling machinery, you are able to resonate with the experiences of others and feel connected. 

We are wired for love and connection

When you find connection it has a positive effect on your physical and mental health, the more social bonds you have, the healthier you will feel. when we don’t, it affects you physically, psychologically and spiritually.

Come with me on retreat, I will be in Stanthorpe for the next women’s weekend on 16-18 November,and in Bali 6-13 October. 




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